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Everything you need to know, and first-hand advice and resources, about developing a successful career in Integrative and Functional Medicine.

This is all about you!

You’ve invested so much into your medical education and learned how to help patients be their best selves and prevent disease. But there has been little to no education about running a business or being a leader in your practice. Gaining this critical knowledge is the missing link to creating the life you want and deserve, while making a bigger impact in your patient’s lives, your team, and your family.


The vision is real. You really can see half the patients while earning more income, without being an in-network provider, accepting all insurance providers, dealing with the bureaucracy or red tape, in a business model that allows you to get paid faster and empowers practicing life-changing medicine vs. simply covering up problems.

We have invested a great deal of time, money and heart into designing, implementing and refining our integrative healthcare model and want to succeed with you – the independent thinker who wants to create a medical practice that’s focused on delivering remarkable outcomes. This is about building a practice dedicated to changing the lives of the patients and community you serve while fully honoring your desires.

As medical professionals it’s critical to be skeptical about one-trick marketing, sales and medical consultants that don’t know cash practice healthcare or only know the insurance and compliance world. They will leave you continually searching for answers to build a profitable practice that is filled with your ideal patients. Not only will you have lost money and time but you will become more skeptical and isolated. I don’t recommend taking this journey alone. We didn’t, because it takes a coach who has done exactly what you’re attempting to do, a team and a community.

It was not easy building and scaling to successful Integrated Health Center and licensing our model around the world. We had our ups and downs to navigate this new medical model to incorporate both brick and mortar and telemedicine.

I had my fun working and sacrificing nearly everything for over a decade to be able to be at a place where I could sell my brick and mortar shares to new practitioners who will continue the mission that I started for years to come.

 The mission of helping frustrated medical professionals ethically attract and convert cash paying patients while building a profitable practice matters so much to me.
That’s why we broke down every system, process and protocol – so physicians, practitioners and health professionals like you can become the influential leaders in your communities and beyond.

15K A Day

Doc Teaches…

How to Quickly Organize & Achieve 15K A Day! Learn How To:

Set up an auto-pilot ongoing marketing campaign using multiple channels of referrals, follow-ups, social media, advertising and more.

Create more efficient scheduling while promoting deeper customer relationships… a true win/win method.

Plan how and when to outsource common operational tasks creating efficiency and avoiding overwhelm.

Intelligently budget for scaling your practice. How to grow at the perfect pace.

Set up an auto-pilot ongoing marketing campaign using multiple channels of referrals, follow-ups, social media, advertising and more.

And so much more…

Time Freedom
Team Members
Ideal Client

Smooth, Successful

and Efficient

Here’s Your
Opportunity to

Break -Free of
Frustration & Stress…

If there is one thing the vast majority of health care practitioners deal with, it’s the stress of the job. The constant never-ending grind that causes burnout and health can be eased, and the joy of practicing medicine returned. Even improvement in one area of your practice can be a life-changer, but my program is comprehensive and focuses on improving all aspects of your practice. We leave no stone uncovered, and rapidly provide a quantum-leap in helping you understand how all parts fit together in a smooth, successful and efficient organizational structure. You will instantly notice having more time, less stress, less overwhelm and more money coming in. This is truly not a cost, it is an investment that will pay you many times over both financially and in your well-being. We all became medical professionals for the right reasons, let me help you re-discover the joys of helping people and eliminate years of mistakes, hard work, frustration and overwhelm by creating an efficient, organized and smooth operation you will love.

Integrative Medicine combines the best of conventional,

lifestyle and holistic approaches to improve health and wellbeing.

15 K A Day Doc

The 15 K A Day Doc Program teaches you the structure to build a 7-Figure PLUS cash practice using “The 5 Pillars of the 15 K A Day coaching program”.

This program teaches you to create real change in the lives of your patients, team, and families. Do you need support in building your team?

Do you need patient treatment protocols?
Do you need business biohacking?
Are you tired of being the “best kept secret” in your area?
Are you tired of not making the money you deserve?

We understand the frustration! We have been there too. Dr. Deb has created this program to address all these issues. You no longer have to struggle on your own. It’s great to learn at conferences but what happens when you get back to the office and have to implement? We are here for you. Our weekly training and coaching will help you move ahead faster than other programs that only focus on business or only on medical training. Combined you will be able to develop skills that move your business and patients forward.

15 K A Day Doc was founded to help doctors like you discover a better way to run your practice.

When you join our community you will gain not only mentorship but friendship, courage, capabilities and business confidence without judgment. NO EGO’s here. None of us have the skills and abilities to change healthcare on our own, otherwise it would have happened by now. Do you want to have functional medicine protocols to get started today? We have you covered for this as well. That is why we need a community of 15 K A DAY DOC who are committed to becoming what we were born to be.

We understand the importance of trust in transformation so if you’re just landing here please don’t buy anything. We seek to earn your trust and will not promise you any results because those are dependent on you for sustainable success. My promise is to give you the tried and true methods that have worked for years and those biohacking medical skills, business biohacks and digital and tech hacks that are relevant right now. We promise to share the wins and struggles because you’re going to face both at times.

Frequently asked questions

Budgeting for a successful practice?
It is amazing to create $3.75 million in annual revenue but if your overhead is 80% there isn’t enough profit to make a good living. Identifying your overhead sources that are eating up costs is essential. Knowing what you are spending and on what is key. Setting aside funds so your business can grow in the future is key.
Resilience as a Doctor?

You have made it to be a doctor. All the studying prepared you to care for your patients. But did it prepare you to manage a team? Did it prepare you for the long hours day in and out for 30 years? Did it prepare you to see 75-100 clients a day? The 15 K A Day Integrative Medical program is here to show you how to have freedom and finances.

Abundant Mindset Vs Scarcity Mindset?

Where is your mind? Do you typically look at the glass half full or half empty? Are you grateful for what you have created but still would like a little more? Is every decision you make based on fear? Do you tell yourself “we can’t grow there’s no money”. “We can’t grow, I don’t have a team”. It’s time to change your mindset so you can live abundantly.

How To Leverage Staff?
Do you utilize your team’s talents? Your team can be a spokesperson for all your services. They can bill for services if they have appropriate training. How you use your team is essential to the growth of your practice.
Seheduling For Productivy?

Proper scheduling in a practice is essential to generating the desired revenue. If you are still doing 1:1 care it is more important than anything to learn how to maximize the schedule. If you are seeing 1:many model, then the flow of clients needs to be consistent.

Years of

Meet 15K A Day

Doc System

Debra Muth

Position: 15k A Day Doctor

For 20 years, Dr. Debra Muth has made a daily difference in the lives of thousands of women by hearing their concerns, assessing and tracking their medical data, and putting her medical education and experience to work on behalf of their health. She is able to do this because not only is she trained in multiple naturopathic medicine including nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbs, and body medicine, she also cares deeply about each individual patient’s overall wellness.

Bringing the same 20 years of professional practice experience to the 15K-A-Day-Doc program, Debra’s hard-earned education and experience in leading an administratively successful practice is benefitting her new “patients” – the clients of 15K-A-Day-Doc! Enrolling in the program because they’re sick with worry, feeling overwhelmed by it all, or just beginning a new stage of their life and want to proactively be prepared for the future, to Debra, each of the program clients is akin to her medical patients – in need of her terrific abilities to listen, assess, teach, share, and guide. Whether it’s a patient on the path to optimal health and well-being wellness or a client on the path to their successful functional medicine practice, Dr. Muth is dedicated to the specific needs of the individuals she serves.

This is What

they say about us!

Stress Performance

– Dr. Susan Smith,

“My expectations were wildly exceeded. Within the first week of 15K-A-Day-Doc, I was able to implement techniques and processes that immediately improved not just the workflow at our office, but the morale too. I underestimated how adapting and improving administrative hassles could make the workplace one that was valued – beyond the profitability – but moreso as an environment for excellence and pride in the functional medicine profession.”

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